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Pressure to succeed for executives is stronger than ever.  But as business  guru Marshall Goldsmith points out, what got you here won’t get you there.  These days, leaders need a program of self-development and formal support to “get there.” After 3 decades of major coaching for executives, we offer time-tested techniques for guiding your self-development process — including issues management, team needs and communication/media skills.

A selection of key projects in this area includes —

  • Executive Development for High-Potentials
    Fortune 100 client uses a series of activities to develop its high-potential executives. Key among them is a proposal process for individual business projects for the coming year. We team with internal executives to review the current status and help develop the program to a future group of executives.
  • Intensive Coaching Program
    Top-tier executive needs to align the business unit team with the division’s new strategy — while honing his ability to deliver major talks internally and externally. We provide an industry-focused program of development (12-week cycle). This intensive process  builds commitment to high-level outcomes. Result: Team alignment issues are resolved; new proficiency in delivering talks attracts  major new speaking opportunities.
  • Executive Development (Non-Profit)
    Newly-appointed non-profit executive faces major challenges.  The organization needs to better understand its new leader; the executive will require help in designing and delivering critical new initiatives. We develop a program that achieves both.
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