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Your In-house Strategy Team

Healthcare and technology drive America’s standard of living — and they’re major wells of issues.  For one thing, they’re ever-changing, forcing huge strategic shifts in organizations and their “knowledge talent.”

Meanwhile, the Economist Magazine estimates that in healthcare alone, waste now tops the $600 billion mark — with additional underperformance in health IT.  This is a daily challenge to decisionmakers and teams.

At Dudka & Associates, we’ve navigated this whitewater for decades. As we spot new turbulence ahead, we continue to advise the executives and managers now working these key sectors of America’s knowledge economy.

Our mission: Create STRATEGIC IMPACT through your organization’s major assets – your people, processes and messages. We help you get these right.

We shed productive light on your strategies, help develop your key people — and refresh how you communicate, internally and beyond.

STRATEGIC IMPACT… thru strategy “refreshes,” coaching, communications.

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