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Recent Case Studies

  • Case Study 1Client (Fortune 100 company) requires coaching for its top-level executives at its headquarters — to help optimize their performance. Using the HR plan, this meant shorter development programs for many, and somewhat more extensive efforts for a smaller number. As we worked with a range vice-presidential executives and  their key reports, we provided targeted, individual coaching that aligned with the company strategic plan. Expertise roles represented strategic planning, issues management, public relations, advertising, human resources, sales, IT, environment and more functions. As a result, the coaching was extended from headquarters to executive groups in other locales and to 3 field operations.
  • Case Study 2Client (Fortune 200 company) needs to sharply revamp, streamline and reconfigure its extensive help desk operations. While serving as team lead, we established the requirements, identified the costs for a re-configuration and developed a full scope implementation plan for the new initiative. The plan was presented to the CIO and a roll-out sequence was developed for the subsequent year.
  • Case Study 3Client (Fortune 200 company) requires additional extended efforts at identifying “on-the-horizon” advanced technology that will be useful to its many multi-country operations. Working within a dedicated technology group, we identified and assessed several advanced technologies potentially critical to various lines of business. The assessments included case studies on how/where these technologies would be used most profitably, at home and in overseas business units.


  • Client (Fortune 100 company) launches an initiative to develop new compliance and ethics guidelines to respond to heightened scrutiny of marketing and other key functions. We worked with internal executives to  conceptualize, write and edit the new compliance guides.
  • Client (Fortune 100 company) needs to fully revamp and validate its standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the face of new requirements for its biotech operations. Some are outdated; others do not align with the actual daily procedures used by bench professionals. Working with many teams and a cross-cutting sample of biotech pros, we develop training and guides for revamping the SOPs and validating them with business pros in many units. This  included devising a critical event SOP usable when responding to adverse events.
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