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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals are twin areas where professionals face long-term issues like cost and access, plus a snowball of immediate change driven by new legislation and regulations. Sample projects in this area include the following:

  • Pharmaceutical Product Team Strategy
    A new product faces the marketing challenge of several competitors, a new US market and global distribution challenges.  We team with onsite strategists to develop and complete a comprehensive strategic marketing plan.
  • Training/Guidance – (State) Department of Health Team

    A mid-west DoH team needs guidance on developing a new social marketing campaign, and additional communications support. We provide new guidelines, training the full team of professionals in PR and communications strategy.
  • New EHR Installation
    A physician group requires initial guidance on the feasibility, costs and timeline for a new system.  We develop the guidance and matrix of choices, plus the implementation and rollout timing.
  • Strategy and Content Development – Health Information Technology Company

    A technology company is launching its marketing campaign, and needs related communications. We provide the core guidelines, content and blogs, plus finished product reflecting the new strategy.
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