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Business is learning the speed needed to operate in the Internet age. But you need to harness many systems and processes to align your unit goals with your core strategy. Otherwise, you improve some elements, but neglect others.

Some key projects Dudka & Associates has worked on in this arena include the following. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Cross-Departmental Alignment and Training
    Client (Global 2000 company) engaged in space exploration needed to align the marketing efforts of its 4 business units.  We developed a plan of action, plus training around the company’s core strategy to develop the skills, planning and implementation of marketing within those 4 business units.  As a result, the new, coordinated process produced a win in the company’s next round contracting initiative.
  • Teaming for an ERP Installation
    Major university addresses the challenge of developing a platform for its administrative units to help align their work and improve efficiencies throughout the enterprise.  While supporting one department’s strategy plan, we teamed to clarify the unit’s key requirements, develop progress meeting plans and the implementation of the ERP in separate business units.
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