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Technology and Health IT are enjoying immense growth — in line with the spread of the Internet since the ’90s. For Health IT, key issues turn on the development of broadly accepted standards. For older technologies, the issues often reflect the individual companies and customers (and their  markets).

Selected projects Dudka & Associates has worked on in this arena include the following. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Support Desk Reconfiguration Plan
    Client (Fortune 100 company) needs to sharply revamp, streamline and reconfigure its extensive help desk operations — each serving one or more business units. While working as team lead, we established requirements, identified all costs demanded by such a re-configuration, and developed a full implementation plan for this new initiative. The plan was presented to the CIO, and a roll-out sequence was developed for the subsequent year..
  • Advanced Technology Assessments
    Client (Fortune 200 company) requires additional research for  identifying  the horizon for advanced technology that will be usable in its multi-country operations. While working within a
    dedicated technology group, we identified and assessed several key technologies potentially critical to strategic business units. These assessments included case studies detailing how and where the technologies would be most profitable (US and abroad).
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